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Meet the people of Himalayas, learn the differences and enjoy  the similarities ONLY the company with over 12 years of adventure travel experience.....

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Type of trekking

Trekking in Nepal is an unforgettable experience of adventure! It is a walking the hill-trails, jungles, streams, emerald green alpine meadows and so on. Trekking offers a breathtaking close view of the Himalayas. Picturesque scenery of the green hills, the glacier and waterfalls make your every day walking a unique experience in lifetime. A trekking even a daylong brings you wonderful scenery and chances to encounter with vary of the ethnicity groups of this Himalayan kingdome.

Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. outfits all grades and types of trekking in Nepal.

What kind of trek is suitable for me?

1.Tea House / Lodge Trek

In this type of trek, the trekkers are ejnoyed with the local people’s service. The trekkers use the locally available Guest Houses/Lodges/Hotels/Inns as the source of food and accommodation everyday. It is a good chance to get know the local people’s culture, tradition and the day-to-day life style. It creates a multiple opportunities to have interaction with the local people.

The trekkers get to enjoy consuming the local meals. On this type of trek there is a big chances of meeting to the other trekkers who are from a different part of the world with a base of different culture, economy, belief etc. Meeting such groups of people surely is going to be an extra attraction for everyone. All the guests on a trek from Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. are accompanied by an experienced trek Guide who helps getting to know the local culture, economy, tradition etc. The Guide leads the trail, arranges the best meal-menu for you, supervise the locally hired porters, deals with the government and National Park authorities. He take cares your air and land transportation. Apart from these above his regular responsibilities, your guide is the best person to talk first of all about your health problems. He will have several ideas in case you need emrgency medical assistance or perhaps helicopter evacuation. He also will have enough information about the HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association) and their doctors’ mobile services. Your Guide will have so much accurute analyse about the weather.

What is said about the Tea House/Lodge Trek is; the ‘luxury’ does not accompany during such trek. So, if you are young and luxury is not your prirority, then the Tea House/Lodge trek is exactly suitable for you! So, there is no need to spend time enquiring about whether you need Camping Trek or Tea House/Lodge Trek.

2.Camping Trek

This type of trekking in which a luxurious facility arranged by having all sorts of tents, an excellent range of food provisions and other dining and kitchen equipment. All the trek memebers on a Camping Trek from Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. will be independent for foods, accommodations and the miscellaneous subjects through out the trekking period. Some trek routes do get so crowdy during on the peak season. This is an excellent merit we have that we don’t have to worry about finding an accommodation.

We serve fresh and hygienic meal with a change in the appetizing menu everyday. During on the trek there will be a Trekking Cook whose skill about preparing foods for the trekking members and their staffs; is enormously excellent. He prepares foods so hygienically that also tastes so delicious. In half an hour he prepares an excellent lunch! The food items which require to cook with huge kind of ovens or pans are also prepared by him from the small and handy sort of ovens or pans. The taste is better here. This all is done very skilfully. So, our trek members are always free from the same kind of menu and also they are not worried anymore if the food is spoilt that may makes sick.

New and latest branded sleeping tents, dining tents with chair and tables, sleeping mattresses with insulates, sleeping bags and inner sheets, pillow etc. are provided on the camp arrangement. The team will also have a kitchen tent for cooking. There will be a team of Trekking Sherpas who set the tents and keep guarding of the camp site though out the night. There will be a well-built team of Guide, Cook, Kitchen helpers, Sherpas, Porters. The unique opportunity of being on a Camping Trek is to be entertained by musical performances of folk songs and dances by the these staffs. There is no other better way to get know more about the people of here, the culture and every aspects of life.

So, if you are a kind of luxurious then please let us have you in the Camping Trek arrangement. We guarantee your perfect satisfaction…


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