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Meet the people of Himalayas, learn the differences and enjoy  the similarities ONLY the company with over 12 years of adventure travel experience.....

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Terms of Conditions

  • As in Nepal no medical/travel insurance is made for foreigners, everyone should be insured dully in own home country. In case of accident we, Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. are always ready to extend the necessary help or flight rescue services or fetch medical team upto the incident-spot as earliest as possible, but all the related expenses are extra and are to be beard by the person him/herself. Any document should produce for further insurance claim/compensation, Alpine Exodus P. Ltd will available each and every possible document. 

  • Advance payment is optional, but we suggest making a certain amount paid in advance is safe for you and for Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. as well.

  • Once you have paid advance and confirmed your trip, you are fully obliged to receive the “mentioned”, “negotiated” services. The “mentioned” “negotiated” services shall be understood to the copy of E-mail or Fax or Letter correspondent made by the authorized personnel.   

  • Once you paid advance and you not are unable to consume the particular service due to some unforeseen circumstances, we do not let the advance payment be lapsed. We keep it preserve for your next time but not longer than five consecutive years. After that it is lapsed. No work-out is done to return the advance payment unless the payer agrees to bear all the bank charges as per the HMG Nepal, Central Bank rules and regulations.

  • If any discriminative activities such as Religious, Cultural, Economical, Political, Social etc. carried out, the local government administration may prevent you doing further trip for which Alpine Exodus P. Ltd. doesn’t hold any responsibility.

  • Guide’s or Sherpa’s or any local people’s suggestions – about the condition of weather, or condition of the trail or anything to which many people think advisable, must be advised. Ignorance of such may harm you or your health for what no other will take the responsibility. 

  • All types of major credit cards are accepted! This is safe and easy for you.

Even to ease your money transmitting to our Company Account as an Advance Payment or the trip deposit money, we accept the Fax Payment by Credit Card. The Fax payment is very simple, fast, reliable and less commissionable comparing through the banks!




As an extra and unique service to you, we have a provision to reward you by a beautiful certificate as shown here every after your trek in this Himalayan region. This is not only a proof that you had a visit to the Himalayan region, but also is a golden statement that you were a conqurer of ‘so and so’ elevation of the Himalayas. No other thing will mesmerizes your adventure as much as this certificate does! It is the heartfelt gift to your generations to show. You can get it from only with us.




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