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Meet the people of Himalayas, learn the differences and enjoy  the similarities ONLY the company with over 12 years of adventure travel experience.....

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Questions Most Frequently Asked

1.On the trek, how far do we walk each day?

Approximately 10 to 15 kms on flat trail and 3 to 8 kms on uneven ground.

2.Am I too old for trek?

Our Tours cater for most age groups including active seniors.

3.Will I fit enough for trek?

Yes! If you are active and enjoy walking, but please contact us for more advice.

4.Will I hold up the group on trek?

Our tours are designed to allow you to walk at your own pace, not necessarily as a combined group.

5.Can I find a toilet on the trail?

Yes! For the Camping based trek we carry a comfortable toilet seat from Kathmandu and for the Tea – House based trek, we frequently pass lodges which provide clean toilets.

6.Can I get a hot shower on the trek?

Most of our lodges have hot showers and hot bucket bath is always available on the Camping trek.

7.What about food and safe water on the trek?

Meals in Nepal are mostly Western Style, vegetarian and local cuisine. Bottled water is available in cities and local water can be boiled, ozonated, filtered or purified in villages.

8.Can I wash clothes on the trek?

Some of the lodges have laundry facilities. And in other places you will be able to wash your won clothing by hand with water provided by the lodge owner or your guide/staff.

9.Altitude, how high do we trek?

Please ask us for day to trek itinerary. Our itinerary/schedule is fully described in detail. And for more questions – answers or discussion please write or contact us anytime.

10.Can we get sick?

It is possible but no more than at home. About 10% of groups have short reaction to different food and water. Consult our Doctor for appropriate medication.

11.What vaccinations do I need?

Please consult to your local doctor about appropriate immunizations for Nepal.

12.What airlines do we use?

Yeti airlines, Sita airlines, Gorkha airlines, Buddha airlines, etc.

13.Is it necessary to have travel insurance?

Yes, it is compulsory and your insurance should to include for helicopter rescue.

14.Is Nepal safe?

As the country enjoying Total Democracy after April 2006 move, and the rebellions; who were gone through armor revolution since last 12 years; have joined to the main stream of politics – promising to the Nepalese people that they would never try to find solution of any kind of problems or discrepancy by the weapons; Nepal is perfectly safe place for travel!




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