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High Altitude sickness  

In this chapter we wish our information be highly informative for anyone who browses this site. For the benefit of many guides working in the Himalayas or Sherpas or even the porters, we have effort put the information on Nepali language.  Every year dozens of altitude related cases occur. We have felt that even if an educated guide gets sometime confuse with the terms said in English and understood in Nepali, resulting by which a kind of lack or gap between the timely precautions and proper medications.

The AMS is danger, but a very little effort to help can save lives. So, our major aim keeping it on Nepali language is to help the guides, Sherpas, porters tooo. And also from this small chapter, we have expected that if a foreigner is interested to learn the Nepali language, would be an extra asset. Therefore we request you all please be benefited with this tiny effort. In future we elaborate it, certainly.  

Also what we have found is any kind of sickness or uneasiness, are believed to be the AMS symptoms, so lack of enough knowledge the clients or trekking parties are sent off or prevented to do their destination treks. So, we try to eliminate such confusing situations.


You can make a donation for our Cloth-Bank. Anything used and not necessary for you – like clothes, trekking boots, medicines, glasses, rain wears, hats etc. after your trek; you can deposit such items with us. We use those for the porters, Sherpas on their trek with you next time.

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High Altitude sickness