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For the world’s 350 million Buddhists, Lumbini is where it all began. Buddha’s birthplace is one of the most important historical site in Nepal. This site is not only the source of one of the world’s great religions but also the centre of Nepal’s most significant archaeological finds. The finds of here are dating back from the third centuary BC.

The Maya Devi temple where Buddha was born in 543 BC has stand up with its recently renuvated appearance at the southern flank of The Sacred Garden. In the front the temple there is the Ashoka Pillar. This is the oldest monument in Nepal. And on the south side of the temple, there is a square pool is where Maya Devi had bathed after the birth of Buddha.

The Sacred Garden of its northwards it contains the Lumbini Peace Village where several countries newly built magnificinet monasteries are located. These are the Chinese Monastry, Japanese Monastery, the Manmyar Monastery, the Thai Monastery, the Korean Monastery, the German Moanastery, the Indian monastery etc. Almost in the middle of all these gloriously built monasteries, there is an eternal flame!

A especial tour to Lumbini for at least 1 night and 2 days can be done following the major part of your trip e.g. trek to Everest area or trek to Annapurna area. Lumbini is reached by road from Kathandu in about 7 hours drive and by flight from Kathmandu in about 30 minutes to Bhairawa. From Bhairawa Lumbini is just 18km away west. We have several attractive sightseeing trips to Lumbini in which we include the Sacred Garden and Tilaurakot (Buddha’s childhood home). Our professional tour gudies will explain to you each and every piece of your interest. The packages are from budget to luxury.


  Maya Devi temple

 The Ashoka Pillar

The courtyard of Maya Devi temple

  Recently built monasteries